Hettich is extending its production space for drawer runners at its Kirchlengern, Germany, headquarters. The turf was cut for the company group's largest production facility worldwide in April. Expanding and optimising production is part of the Hettich Group's growth strategy and commitment to Germany as a manufacturing base. It is investing more than $45 million.

Under the "Building Venice style" banner, Dr. Andreas Hettich placed the first of 1,300 steel piles at the groundbreaking ceremony on the 90,000 square foot site in Kirchlengern. Owing to difficult subsoil conditions, the load absorbing supporting structure is being developed on about a 40-foot-long foundation piles driven into the ground.

An interlinked building concept made up of three structures is planned for completion by April 2017. This comprises the main building, the incoming and outgoing goods departments as well as the components warehouse as the central logistics unit. On a floor space of about 75,000 square feet, new production areas are being constructed for drawer runners and a state of the art toolmaking operation.

Two levels will produce extremely effective and innovative production processes and also optimize available space. The ground floor will accommodate the production facility in the form of a steel reinforced concrete structure, the upper production level will be a largely self supporting, highly insulated timber frame construction with external pylon structure. The reduced residual supply of heat needed will be provided through a local heat supply line from Hettich's existing system.

As part of project planning, the primary energy requirement was calculated in line with the specifications of Germany's 2016 Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) and falls 46 percent below them.

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