NEW YORK - Office and workspace furniture manufacturing giant Haworth Inc. recently announced 2017 global sales of $2.04 billion, a 5.3 percent increase from 2016 fueled by growth in every region of the world.
“Haworth is celebrating another year of good financial results in 2017 and we are very proud of our strong growth,” said Franco Bianchi, Haworth President & CEO. “Our results demonstrate how well our strategy is working. The commercial interiors, lifestyle designs and performance technology businesses continue to evolve as the world of work and our customer needs change.”
In lieu of its massive growth and its upcoming 70th anniversary, the company announced it would give a $1,000 gross bonus to full-time global members and a $500 gross bonus for part-time global members as of January 15.
Bianchi said this past year’s success is a result of the company’s employee contributions along with the network of dealers and vendors.
“We thank our clients for our success,” Bianchi said. “Because of the larger Haworth family of brands and designs, we are very optimistic about the next 70 years.”
In 2017, the company opened a number of new showrooms around the world in locations such as San Francisco, Washington, D.C., London, Zurich, China, and India. It unveiled lots of new products - including 20 new products at Neocon.
Mooney said that company projections heading into 2017 were much more conservative than what they actually experienced. Modest growth is expected for 2018. 
Haworth is the third largest office furniture manufacturer in the United States according to the FDMC 300 list of biggest woodworking firms.


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