Five fall design trends: mismatched cabinets, dark and matte colors
September 22, 2016 | 3:33 pm CDT
Plotscape kitchen cabinets with mis-matched colors.

Photo By Plotscape

According to Decor Aid, an interior design service, the move from summer to fall includes design trends that are bringing in darker colors and upscale materials.

1. Black Fixtures. One of the biggest trends emerging this fall is black fixtures and appliances in the kitchen, including black hardware, ovens, faucets, and lighting. To keep black accents from taking over, make sure the kitchen space is well lit, and that there is a good balance between dark and light elements.

2. Mismatched Cabinetry. Say goodbye to traditional matching cabinetry in the kitchen. Just as bedroom sets of the 80s and 90s have made way for more custom and personal collections, the kitchen has seen a departure from a single material or color usage. Experiment with color, with black on your lowers and a mint green on uppers. Or stainless steel on the bottom and a reclaimed wood on top. Regardless of the pairing, use a monolithic counter and backsplash to bring the look together, and accent space with a consistent metal finish for a cohesive look. 

3. Matte Finishes. Decor Aid sees natural pushed a bit further with matte finishes, which are replacing the lacquered walls and glossy tables of luxury design past. Matte finishes lend a rich, velvety depth to any space. For this fall, considering trying it in jewel tones like sapphire to accent the decor. 

4. Fall Reflections. With fall comes a change in the leaves and the drop of temperature. Reflect these inside with rich autumn hues like amber and sienna, and think comfort and warmth when choosing your furniture. Bring in some additional textured throw blankets for the perfect accessory.

5. Bathroom Style. High moisture levels doesn’t mean that the entire bathroom has to be tiled, try reducing tile usage without losing function. Opt for a soothing paint color or vinyl wall covering instead. Add warm area rugs and an upholstered stool for comfort. Lastly, keep your lighting bright but not too cool.

See Decor Aid.

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