Economy prompts Delmac to cancel IWF participation
August 15, 2011 | 11:08 am CDT
GREENSBORO, NC - Delmac Machinery Group announced that it will cancel its presence at the 2010 International Woodworking Machinery & Supply Fair this August in Atlanta due to the overall condition of the U.S. economy and the high investment cost associated with exhibiting.

In a press release, Delmac officials said, "Delmac has decided to focus its resources on customized demonstrations and application work for individual customers as well as educational platforms designed for specific industry sectors.

According to John Park, Delmac’s president, “We have completely renovated our showroom in Greensboro, NC, installed new centralized dust collection and tooled every category of machinery we sell, allowing year-round demonstrations. With a complete factory at our disposal, we can build cabinets, store fixtures, doors, etc, basically any facsimile of our customers' products.

"Delmac continuously hosts customer specific machinery demonstrations as well as our successful Profit Solutions Educational seminars multiple times a year. We will focus on increasing the utilization of this resource for training and demonstrations,” Park said.

Delmac is the third major woodworking machinery company to issue a statement received by Woodworking Network noting it would not exhibit at IWF because of the poor economy. Previous press releases were issued by Weinig and Stiles Machinery.

IWF officials issued a statement, noting that they understand the "difficult choices" faced by many of its exhibitors.

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