With the construction of an 80-meter-long CPS+ press line, Dieffenbacher will reportedly set a world record for the longest continuous press used to produce wood-based panels.

The press is the core component of an MDF plant ordered from Dieffenbacher in July by Chinese wood-based panels manufacturer Guangxi Lelin Forestry Development Co, Ltd.

“In planning the world’s largest MDF plant, we are excited to have Dieffenbacher at our side once again as a project partner,” said Guangxi Lelin president Wei Mingkuai. A high-speed THDF plant in Nanning that produces up to 1 mm thin boards was ordered by Guangxi Lelin from Dieffenbacher in June 2018 and commissioned in October 2019.

In addition to the CPS+, Dieffenbacher will supply equipment ranging from the air grader to the storage system. With new automation and control systems, the MDF line will meet the highest demands of digitalization.

Plant construction is scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2021 in the southern Chinese city of Chongzuo, not far from the Vietnamese border. Start-up is planned for fall 2021. See http://dieffenbacher.de

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