Focusing on three key messages, Cefla Finishing has launched its new website to attract a broader audience and provide an effective search function to help customers and prospects find what they are looking for while navigating the website.

Cefla Finishing recently completed an overhaul of its website with an aim to attracting a wider range of potential customers and at the same time providing more information for prospects looking for guidance when choosing a product for their specific needs.

Cefla Finishing already draws visitors for a variety of finishing techniques, from spray coating, roller coating and wrapping to digital printing. The new search function has been created to help customers pinpoint their requirement in just three steps.

Visitors select the material involved, the market sector or just the process. Whichever search criteria is used, a corresponding product is obtained in no more than three steps.

Finishing equipment is classified as small, medium or large. The page not only includes a 3D layout representing the machinery, developed in-house using Cefla Finishing’s cCloner simulation software, but also a list of related equipment representing what may be required upstream or downstream in the process. See

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