HICKORY, N.C. - Bradington-Young, a North Carolina-based luxury leather upholstery manufacturer, has doubled the size of its Hickory manufacturing plant to 160,000 square feet. The expansion boosts production capacity by 50 percent - streamlining its manufacturing and allowing the company to ship all orders in fewer than 45 days.
“Our ability to ship domestically produced, custom luxury upholstery in four to six weeks sets us apart from the imports, which are limited in their customization options,” said Craig Young, president of Bradington-Young. “Consumers have come to expect custom products to be delivered quickly, and with all the recent talk about tariffs and trade wars, the demand for U.S.-made custom upholstery continues to grow in popularity.”
Specific factory improvements include bigger workstations, better lighting, and improved cooling. The expansion also allows Bradington-Young to ramp up its cross-training program, which encourages employees to develop more than one job skill in the factory. The company says this can help address the shortage of skilled labor in the area and facilitate transfers to other work areas as needed.
Bradington-Young specializes in upscale motion and stationary upholstered furniture, manufacturing customizable recliners, chairs, sofas, and sections in Hickory with cut-and-sew operations in Cherryville. The company was acquired by Hooker Furniture in 2003.

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