MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Boker's, Inc., a manufacturer of metal stampings, washers, spacers and shims, reaches its 100th anniversary in 2019. Boker’s will celebrate and honor its customers and employees throughout the year and also the open a new manufacturing facility.

Boker's was founded in 1919 by Vitus Boker and his son, John. They started their family business around their first products, an envelope folding machine and a small hand check protector. However, with his tooling knowledge, the enterprise began generating more revenue from manufacturing prototypes and custom parts for automated machinery. As the word spread of Boker's process for producing high-quality, short-run, stamped metal parts, demand grew.

Today, Boker's is still a privately held family-owned business, with Bill Tedlund as chairman of the board. From starting to help out the family business as children, the legacy continues with Bill’s children Wendy, Amy and Barry as shareholders. Amy Kersey (Bill's daughter) is the current CEO/president and her sons, Chuck and Tony Kersey as the fifth generation at the helm of sales and marketing.

Boker’s has manufactured parts for almost every industry and product, from payphones, coffee makers, medical devices, missiles, mail sorting machines to dental instruments, snowshoes, and aircraft. Stampings and washers are needed in virtually everything we use or come in contact with on a daily basis

Boker's is currently expanding their manufacturing facility to streamline processes and add capacity as product diversification continues to grow. The new space adds 66,500 square feet, almost doubling their current manufacturing space. See Bokers.com.

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