Unearthed Paints Introduces Non-Toxic Wood Finish

Unearthed Paints Introduces Non-Toxic Wood FinishLOUISVILLE, CO -- Unearthed Paints, a manufacturer of ecofriendly paints and plasters is pleased to announce their new natural Hard Wax Oil Finish – a durable surface treatment, ensuring excellent protection for wood, cork and stone in interior applications. Unearthed Hard Wax Oil is produced from natural raw materials, non-toxic, and VOC-free, contributing to a healthy living environment. A simple, natural alternative to give a stylish update to the wood floors or furniture in your home.

The Hard Wax Oil finish provides a natural, breathable silky-matte finish that penetrates deep into the pores to enhance the wood’s natural beauty. The transparent, honey tinge hue allows the wood’s inherent characteristics to show through. “Conventional polyurethane finishes are a plastic-like layer that sits on top of your wood floor. Our Hard Wax Oil is different; it protects the wood, and is a natural alternative to chemical sealants,” commented Jessica Pfohl, Unearthed Paints founder. “It penetrates the pores of the wood, but does not leave an unattractive layer on top of the wood, which allows the natural beauty of your wood floor to shine through.”

Unearthed uses sustainable raw materials in their Hard Wax Oil finish, such as linseed oil, carnauba wax, tung oil, and colophonium glycerine ester (produced by pine tree sap). Unearthed Paints Hard Wax Oil is made by melting Carnauba Wax and colophonium resin into a mixture of linseed oil and tung oil. Linseed oil ensures a deep penetration of even the smallest wood pores thanks to a small molecule size and a long processing time. The contingent of solid bodies is 100% ("pure solid"). This means that the product does not contain water or solvents, but is solely made from natural oils, resins and waxes.

Conventional wood floor varnishes contain staggering amounts of environmentally harmful, health threatening VOCs, says the company. While a typical can of flat interior latex paint contains 50 grams of VOCs per liter, varnishes may contain as much as 450 grams of VOCs per liter. Using a natural, Zero-VOC floor finish is an effective way to maintain good indoor air quality and minimize our impact on the environment. In addition to being naturally beautiful, sustainable and free of the toxins typically found in floor finishes, Hard Wax Oil is also very practical to use. Most applications require only one coat, and spot repairs are easy to do.

In addition to the Hard Wax Oil, Unearthed Paints also offers Safflower Wax, a beautiful hand-applied wax for furniture, altering the wood colors less than other traditional wax finishes. Unearthed Safflower Wax is made out of natural beeswax, free of residues and bleached without chlorine. The beeswax is molten cleaned and then bleached using charcoal and fullers earth. Mixed with safflower oil (oil of the safflower thistle) and stand oils the result is a treatment for wooden surfaces, solvent-free and resistant to yellowing.

About Unearthed Paints:

Unearthed Paints is a family owned business founded in 2011 by husband and wife team Florian Speier and Jessica Pfohl, headquartered in Louisville, CO. To learn more about Unearthed and its full line of products visit UnearthedPaints.com.

Source: Unearthed Paints


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