Rockler presents its Pock-It hole clamp

MEDINA, MN -- Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is pleased to introduce the Pock-It Hole ClampTM, a versatile new method of clamping pocket hole joints for properly aligned, tight fitting results when using pocket screws.Rockler Pock-It Clamp TM solves this problem in one quick set up. It clamps the joint tightly, and keeps the faces properly aligned.

“Traditional methods of clamping pocket hole joints have several shortcomings,” says Steve Krohmer, Rockler’s Vice President of Product Development. “Locking pliers type clamps keep the face frames aligned, but may not hold the parts tightly together, especially in hardwoods. Bar clamps can solve that problem, but don’t always keep the face frames aligned as the screw is set. Our Pock-It Hole ClampTM holds the joint in both dimensions, and since it hooks into the Pocket hole itself, can clamp frames of any size or orientation!”A summary of Pock-It Hole ClampTM benefits:
• Body design allows clamping and fastening of double hole pocket joints in one step.
• Works with 3/8'' pocket holes on 3/4'' thick face frames.

Pocket screws are a fast and durable method of securing joints, but the angle of the screw can cause the joint to misalign as it is driven home. Typical clamping methods only hold the joint in one orientation, allowing the screw to spread the joint, or move the surface out of alignment as the screw is driven. Bar clamps or even specialty pocket joinery clamps cannot control both angle and orientation issues.
• Ratcheting handle can be rotated flush so face frames can be clamped while laying flat on the workbench.
• Can be used for face frames or carcass construction.
• Delrin pin is adjustable in length to utilize pocket holes of varying depth.
• Lightweight aluminum construction makes it rigid and durable.
• 3 inch wide stock capacity Patent pending.

The Pock-It Hole Clamp is also capable of securing 90 degree joints such as those in boxes or cabinets. It hooks directly in the existing hole so it will work even for large parts, eliminating the need for long bar clamps when assembling tall cabinets.

SOURCE: Rockler Hardware


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