Dewey expands wood collection to classrooms
August 16, 2011 | 9:14 am CDT
CHICAGO –  Dewey's back, and this time it's bigger, smarter -- and more personal. The collection from Fixtures Furniture by izzy+ made an impressive debut at NeoCon 2009, when an award-winning portfolio of tables, benches, bookcases, lecterns and help desks was introduced as a fresh approach to the future of learning and teaching. Dewey took another leap forward at NeoCon 2010 with the addition of the celebrated and versatile Dewey 6-Top Table for spur-of-the-moment gatherings all over campus.

This June, at NeoCon 2011, the Dewey collection expands from the classrooms to the commons to the media labs and libraries to the professor's office space. Dewey's adding an array of storage and filing options, along with a privacy screen that transforms a Dewey table into a hard-working desk. The Dewey Connection Cart completes the 2011 enhancements to the collection, a mobile stand that encourages idea sharing in and out of the classroom.

"Dewey has redefined and reconceptualized the classroom over the past few years, and now we're rounding out Dewey as a more robust answer for imaginative open-workplan areas and private offices and meeting spaces," said Brandon Reame, the Brand Manager for izzy+. "We're continuing to grow and demonstrate Dewey's adaptability and its thought leadership throughout all learning environments."

The new Dewey storage elements include a mobile pedestal file that features an open bin for briefcases or backpacks, as well as bookcase-based doors and drawers to neatly hide files and personal items in new configurations.

"It's the same kit of parts, with more functionality and flexibility," Reame explained. "It's reconfigurable, freestanding, modular furniture which allows us to swap out shelves with different storage components."

The Dewey Connection Cart incorporates storage elements along with a shelf beneath its whiteboard display. The cart also can accommodate up to a 40-inch flat screen monitor for digital and video display. The stand is designed to enhance connections among learners and workers in a variety of applications.
"It brings technology and a collaboration surface right where it needs to be," Reame said.

About izzy+
The employees of izzy+ ( design, manufacture and market office furniture and seating that solve real problems for real people. The focus is to provide designers with the tools to create inspiring work spaces for forward-thinking customers in home offices and small businesses, in executive offices and board rooms, in hospitals and classrooms. Its award-winning products are marketed under the brand names izzy, HÅG, Harter, Fixtures Furniture, Zoom Seating and ABCO. Based in Spring Lake, MI, izzy+ is a business of JSJ Corporation of Grand Haven, MI.

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