ROMEOVILLE, Ill. –  Laser Products announced the expansion of its sales force into Canada, in what it says is a direct response to the continuing growth of the countertop industry. It is intended to position Laser Products to better meet the needs of its Canadian customers.
“We have been watching the steady growth of our industry in Canada and believe it is time for us to be there, on the ground, and in person with our customers” said Rich Katzmann, president.
“This strategic change will allow us to help revolutionize the countertop industry in Canada like we have in the United States. Fabricators are considering the benefits of going digital and we want to be the company that shows them how they can boost their productivity and sales.”
  • Eric Harrison, Northwest Sales Manager with 20+ years of experience in solid surface applications will be responsible for Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the Northwest and Yukon Territories.
  • JT Hoffman, North Central Sales Manager, a ten-year LPI employee, will bring his hands-on experience into Ontario, Manitoba, and Nunavut.
  • Matt Thomson, Northeast Sales Manager, a solid industry veteran with over 25 years of experience, will help customers in Quebec, Newfoundland, and Labrador.
Supporting the move, Laser Products will exhibit at WMS 2017, in Booth 2136. Laser Products Industries was founded in 1994 and focused on designing, building, and supplying lasers to identify and gather job site job conditions. Once gathered, this information can be used to accurately fabricate finished products to match.
Soffit structure (top) measured without scaffolding for millwork completion (bottom).
Our industry focus began in the flooring and construction industries providing the SL-24 Laser Square to help salesman easily determine if floors and walls were square, flat and/or level before a job was quoted. Using laser beams extending out of the unit at a 90º and 45º angles, users were able to accomplished this and also allowed for quick grid layouts for tile.
Lately the company has shifted its main focus has shifted towards the countertop and millwork industries. With the advent of the LT-55 XL and more recently the LT-2D3D Laser Templators, efficiency and accuracy of digital templating kitchens, offices, and cabinet bases has been greatly improved while reducing cost and completion time.
Having a strong and stable customer base established in the countertop industry, the company has begun shifting focus to the wood industry. Since early 2017, it has focused on making the changes to its hardware and software to improve the business process of woodworkers.

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