New Wood Shop Hires? Make Their First Day A Good Experience
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New Wood Shop Hires? Make Their First Day A Good ExperienceAlong with all of the standard first day stuff like discussing hours, introductions, and pointing out the bathrooms, we go through our mission and value statement. We let the new hires know how important those values are to our organization.

We have developed what we call “The Facts.” We simply laid out certain facts about our organization and expect them to be ingrained in everyone’s mind throughout their day and their career. We explain to our people where our products are sold and the type of customers we go after (asking around the factory, I was amazed at how many people had no idea about our industry or our customers).

We also have their locker cleaned out with their name badge already on it (people love seeing their names on things). Upon opening the locker, the new hire finds a custom ACS gift bag with a hat, shirt, and a few other branded goodies inside. Easy!

Doing little things like that make such an impression on new hires and lets them know the kind of company we are, and the type of service we expect. It is so important to treat each new employee like they’re your next million dollar client. They will remember that, and give back in more ways than you can imagine.

Harnessing a great first impression is the single most important tool you have in controlling your corporate culture. You’ll be shocked at what you find out, and you’ll truly understand how important those first impressions are.


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