Perhaps surprisingly for the functional hardware business, there is growing demand among customers for integration to advanced designed and manufacturing technology is a growing demand, say Shawn Pressley, Marketing Manager for Salice America.

"Actually it's the the biggest trend, one that we haven't seen in past years.," says Pressley, who is based at Salice's U.S. headquarters in Charlotte. "We are getting more requests for technology as far as catalogs, videos, and planning systems - and also being able to have product solutions that are programmed into their planning software for both for their boring equipment and assembly equipment."

As a  result, "Salice America offers what we call 'configurators,' where customers are able to plug in the dimensions of the cabinetry door and it actually plans in the hardware. We have such a wide range of hardware there could be a hundred different choices, so having a planning and programming software that tells them exactly what product they need to use, and it also tells them cutting dimensions and then also boring dimensions." 

Pressley says Salice also sees a continued trend to more European style frameless cabinetry in the U.S. market.

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