Milwaukee has made its name by being dedicated to trade-specific solutions. Every year they bring a long list of new tools and products to market that are aimed to help in the field. With a massive amount of tools already under their belt, what did Milwaukee do this year?
They made an industry pioneering cloud based management system to deal with all these tools of course. Introducing ONE-KEY There will be 3 sections to the initial ONE-KEY rollout; Inventory Management, Tool Reporting, and Tool Control. 
Inventory Management, coming September 2015, is a free web and mobile platform dedicated to labeling, maintaining, and locating all of your tools in real time. I have seen it in action and am happy to say that it lives up to its claims, providing an easy way to add and update everything you bring to the jobsite. You can even add non-tool items and non-Milwaukee brand products, giving you a full range of inventory options. 
Tool Reporting, coming October 2015, lets you wirelessly sync your tools to the ONE-KEY™ platform. It is being introduced along with the launch of the M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 6T Utility Crimpers. Tool Reporting gives you the ability to track performance and produce data straight from the jobsite.  It also provides users an easier way of daily reporting by mapping your progress in easily shared documents.
My personal favorite, Tool Control, will be added in January 2016. Being introduced alongside new M18 FUEL Drilling and Driving products, Tool Control will let you sync your tool wirelessly to the ONE-KEY application giving you a unique ability to control your tools. Based on the tool’s need or the materials being used that day, you will have the ability to program specific speeds or torques and then with a press of a button put your tools into those saved set ups. The experienced will not need to constantly look over the shoulder of the new anymore, with ONE-KEY they can literally program their knowledge right into the tools.
“The possibilities that ONE-KEY brings to the job-site are endless”, says Christian Coulis, Vice President of Product Management for Milwaukee Tool, “ and these benefits are not the end result, but just the beginning! The capabilities of the program will continue to grow and evolve, and for the first time, we will be able to deliver more and more features to our product even after it is purchased.”
Milwaukee has put out a very exciting idea with ONE-KEY and I am looking forward to seeing where they continue to take it.
Available for initial download in September 2015, ONE-KEY will be accessible by computer from the Milwaukee website at or by a mobile app interface on compatible Android and iOS smartphones.

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