Woodworkers Most Commented During December 2013
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Woodworkers Most Commented During December 2013We asked professional woodworkers how they refined their skills: 25% did so in basements, garages or rented space; 13% in shop class; 32% on the job, with 28% “Other.” Comments follow:

I started working at Wavell Huber Wood Products in Los Alamitos, CA, in 1977. Moved on to Meyer Reeder Co. in Los Alamitos and then to B&B Wood Products in Long Beach, CA. Started my own company in 1983 (Sierra Wood Products) and have been self-employed ever since. It’s been mostly great but there have been some hard times too. Matthew Bartolomucci, Garnerville, NV

I learned in the industrial arts program at Oswego State University then taught for 30 years. Richard Raaflaub, Syracuse/Oswego, NY

I started at Ontario Store Fixtures, then Pinehurst Woodworking, then JF Gillanders, then Bosco Woodworking, then Apex Retail Store Fixtures, then Ventra Group, then Array Group, now at Bolton Railings/Stairs. Joe, Ontario, Canada

I’m a fifth generation cabinetmaker. I learned on Dad’s knee, then attended Skive technical college (Skive, Denmark - skivets.de) followed with the school of hard knocks! I learn something new every day! Josef Otmar • Snedker Skive Tekniske Skole

Editor’s note: Skivets trains in three segments: carpentry, joinery, and machinery. masterpiece.dk/UploadetFiles/11741/36/SkiveTechnicalInstitute.pdf

Lampshade Turned from a Log a blog by Chuck Ray, noted: Several earth-righteous readers say the shade would have been greener if made from veneer. True, sort of, except it would have an ugly seam, and not have been as rigid.

A competent veneer craftsman (us or others) could definitely make this as a curved plywood cylinder with no visible seam. It would be more stable and rigid than a log with the center turned out. John Costin, Veneer Services Unltd.

Of many things wood – log homes, post and beam construction, old barns, dugout canoes – no one says, “My what a large carbon footprint you have!” Wood is the No. 1 renewable building product we have. Ed Strahota, Black Bros., Mendota, IL

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