Latest advances in laminating and gluing equipment


Stiles Machinery Inc.
Available from Stiles Machinery Inc., the new Wemhöner Eagle membrane press is designed for a variety of 3-D products using veneer and/or rigid thermofoil. Available with one or two trays, the Eagle will produce high quality components from materials such as PVC, PET, Kydex, standard rigid thermoplastic foils and veneer.

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European Woodworking Machinery Co.

The Höfer short-cycle feedthrough press line can be custom configured to specifications. Available from European Woodworking Machinery Co., the durable Höfer press can handle a multitude of coating tasks and offers ease of operation, the company says. Options are available for loading and unloading and for the control system.
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Italpresse USA

Italpresse USA’s new V-8/32-16 throughfeed hot press can laminate stock size panels and cut-to-size components with wood veneer or HPL. A panel indexing system allows glued panels up to 5 ft x 10 ft to be laid down on the bottom face material by a single operator. The press features: a color graphic touchscreen controller, digital control of the laminating pressure and platen temperature, automatic setting of the hydraulic pressure and exclusion of press cylinders according to programmed panel dimensions, and electronic detection of platen deflection due to improper loading of the press.
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Joos USA

Joos USA offers the new Joos LT series of hot presses for laminating veneer, decorative laminates, honeycomb panels and more. Special lightweight ELKOM brand Okotherm heating platens come standard for quick heat up with low energy use, the company says. The presses are available in a variety of sizes and pressures with LT “LogicTouch” CNC technology.
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Bolton Emerson Americas

From Bolton Emerson Americas, the BEA TL-1060 is a continuous thermal laminating system capable of laminating hotmelt coated papers and foils to both sides of a substrate simultaneously. Laminating speeds from 30 to over 100 fpm are achievable. The paper or foils are heat-fused to substrates between heated steel rolls up to 380F with a combining force of over 405 PLI. The TL-1060 features process heating by steam, which BEA says guarantees freedom from laminating roll “hot spots.”
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The Duspohl high-performance (x)Press 250R throughfeed press, available from DV-Systems, presses panel material with mouldings in a continuous operation. At least two workpieces can be longitudinally bonded using hot-melt adhesive, even if of different widths. Feed rates up to 80 mpm are possible, DV-Systems says, while the drive and control system provides minimum tolerances of ±2mm in element positioning.
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IMA America
In addition to feedthrough lines for mass production, IMA offers the new Advantage line for edgebanding and finishing of coiled material up to 3mm thickness and solid wood strips of up to 12mm thickness. Units include joint milling, edgebanding, end trimming and edge finishing for a variety of applications. The Advantage line is equipped with ICOS TS control which enables the machine to fully and automatically change over between different edge applications.
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Stiles Machinery
From manual to complete automation, the Torwegge PWR 100, available from Stiles Machinery, produces lightweight, honeycomb or composite material panels and will also apply HPL, veneer and other overlay materials using a PUR glue system. According to the company, the modular design of the line allows it to be expanded, enabling manufacturers to have flexibility for future production needs.
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Veneer Systems

The heavy-duty Vacupress Flip Top Frame Press from Veneer Systems is designed so one person can load large flat panels into the vacuum press. Offered as a frame kit or a frame and base kit, which includes a table frame, five legs and two pneumatic cylinders for opening and closing, it comes in stock sizes/panel dimension capacities of 49 in. x 97 in., 49 in. x 121 in., 61 in. x 97 in. and 61 in. x 121 in., with custom sizes available.
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Edgetech’s IT530 Index Table for indexing laminate onto wood cores features an automatic clamping system. Handwheels with digital readouts are used to adjust the proper core width and laminate overhang dimensions, while vacuum cups on the pneumatically assisted support arms hold the laminate securely and release automatically when the laminate contacts the core. Powered indexing, powered drive and powered infeed conveyors can be added for increased production.
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Smartech Intl
Smartech Intl custom-builds Motorized Roll Racks to specifications. These systems store 10-46 rolls of rigid thermofoil right at the membrane press in single and double-loop configurations. They can also be used the store 30-plus rolls of paper to
unreel directly into a paper laminator.
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Atlantic Machinery Corp.
Atlantic Machinery Corp. offers the FIN CLN 1600 pinch roller, available with standard or segmented rollers. Features include: hand wheel adjustment for board thicknesses, a pneumatically adjustable pressure on the top roller, magnetic start and overload protection with double emergency stop guards.
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Midwest Automation

From Midwest Group One, Midwest Automation’s HGS II hotmelt glue spreaders are designed to apply hotmelt adhesives, including PUR, to flat panels or surfaces using specially designed heated rollers. This system is used in conjunction with a hotmelt adhesive melter and is reportedly ideal when laminating a wide range of dissimilar materials such as foam, aluminum, steel, plastic, gypsum board and wood. Optional equipment includes automatic panel and adhesive thickness control, automatic level sensing and Teflon coated out feed rollers.
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Nordson’s PURBlue application systems process PUR adhesives from 2-, 3- or 4kg foil-encased slugs. For use in a variety of woodworking applications including edgebanding and handgun assembly, the PURBlue “melt-on-demand” systems process only the adhesive needed, reducing thermal stress and protecting bonding characteristics, Nordson says. A pneumatic piston maintains optimal contact between the adhesive and melting grid for maximum adhesive use from each slug.
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Atlantic Machinery Corp.

Atlantic Machinery Corp. offers FIN two-, three- and four-roller glue spreaders which it says offers accurate and uniform spreading with any type of glue. Features include: start and stop buttons, an on/off indicator lamp, magnetic start, overload protection with double emergency bars. The spreaders are available in various widths.
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Joos USA
Joos USA says the Osama four-roll hot PUR glue spreaders are ideal for laminating plastic laminate, vinyl, metal, aluminum, leather, fabric and many types of honeycomb panels where high glue strength is required. Standard features include silicone rollers, chromed rollers, special pneumatic self adjusting dams, variable speed, and easy clean up system.
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Black Bros.

The new Vertical Edge Coater from Black Bros. can coat the edge(s) of substrates to a maximum thickness of 2-1/2 in. The vertical edge coater can accommodate a variety of substrates widths and types including solid wood, particleboard, MDF, door cores, foam, plastic, etc. Various coatings such as adhesives, paints, sealers and UV coatings can be used.
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Graco says its Therm-O-Flow 20 and 200 bulk melt systems provide quiet operation and improved process efficiency. The Therm-O-Flow systems feature the NXT air motor, as well as the Mega-Flo platen. Graco says the systems have an easy-to-use control that displays actual and set point temperatures, a material totalizer that can be reset to track material usage and a seven-day automatic startup timer.
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Doucet Machineries

Designed for custom and volume production runs, Doucet Machineries says its Drawermaster offers the rugged construction and ease of set-up of high production drawer assembly machines.The Drawermaster features an ergonomic gluing workstation suitable for assembly of boxes directly in the clamp. An optional support stand allows for the assembly of drawers with the bottom plate on the topside of the clamp.
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James L. Taylor
In addition to clamp carriers, James L. Taylor offers the #140 high-volume, fully automated metering, mixing and distribution system for catalyzed PVAs. It automatically pumps metered quantities of PVA resin and catalyst from their original containers, mixes them without using any intermediate containers, and conveys the mixed adhesive to up to four independently controlled outlets. The unit can be purchased with mixing and waste water recovery capabilities built in, or these features may be added later.
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JLT Clamps
New from JLT Clamps is the Mini Pod Press. The pneumatic vertical press can be used to face glue a variety of solid wood components up to 12 in. wide and 10 ft long, to produce engineered stiles and rails, butcher block, posts and long beams.
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