How to bond veneer to MDF using Tensor spray adhesive
October 3, 2016 | 10:08 pm CDT

How to bond veneer to MDF using Tensor spray adhesive

For the past decade, Tensor Adhesives – a brand of Quin Global – has been working to revolutionize the adhesive needs of the woodworking world.  From nearly 40 years of experience in the woodworking market, the development team had heard every kind of complaint about gluing.  But a few things stood out as truly fixable problems.  

While it may be impossible to come up with one perfect adhesive to solve every problem, Quin Global took the approach of attacking each problem steadily to develop a line of adhesives perfectly suited to each respective marketplace – from cabinets and countertops to furniture and upholstery.  

From the early days of experience, Quin Global kept track of the many downfalls in the existing bonding processes within the woodworking and furniture industries.  The main reoccurring problems revolved around high flammability, long dry times, poor adhesive delivery systems, expensive equipment, low-quality bonds and complicated usage.

The TensorGrip Laminate and Foam & Upholstery ranges have been developed with a keen understanding of the needs of the two closely-connected industries.  Every product has been produced and tested for the industry it’s intended for.  Not only that, but each product is clearly labelled with icons to simplify bonding at a glance.

Like the tools used in a workshop, Quin Global understands that one adhesive may not work for every application.  Imagine trying to use a Phillips screwdriver for every screw, including flat head or slotted screws.  Likewise, imagine trying to use a foam bonding adhesive to bond high definition laminate.  That’s why TensorGrip has a range of products for each application in each focus market.  To help the user achieve the perfect result for every job.

Now consider the environmental side of glue.  Not always a pretty picture, but with the concerns of long-time customers, Quin Global made the move to achieve GREENGUARD Gold certification.  And TensorGrip L10N achieved it.  One of the only non-flammable, spray contact adhesives in a canister to achieve this mark.

Quin Global has an in-house Research and Development team who are committed to providing faster, smarter and cleaner systems, to reduce waste and increase our customers’ bottom line profits.  They are also focused on health and safety, and contribute to reducing user risk by producing safer, more environmentally friendly adhesives.  The Woodworking/Laminate (L series) and Foam & Upholstery (F series) ranges of adhesives are also available with TensorGlobal’s own CO-REZ technology, a highly engineered resin and gas matrix which uses less gas and provides more glue.

Quin Global has spent hundreds of hours researching and developing these products.  We spent time with many woodworking and furniture manufacturing companies across the globe to make sure these adhesives work to the standards necessary for this demanding industry.  We made the decision to invest in an area we realized nobody else was.  We wanted to help the production managers who were contacting us after their bonds failed, and we knew we could produce the first range for this market that actually worked beyond expectations, and we did!” - Carl Fowler, Research and Development Director, Quin Global

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