Schmalz, a manufacturer of lift assistance devices, says ergonomic equipment is now at the top of companies’ lists. It is becoming more of a need than a want, due to the increase of workman’s compensation claims and the cost of medical bills and employee time off.

Implementing a lifting device for any workpiece being handled that weighs over 25-30 pounds is typical. In addition, companies are also finding themselves with limited space for manufacturing or warehousing their product, which means that product must be stacked at higher heights to maximize space.

Higher stacking of product is a major concern from an employee/employer standpoint because stacking product to certain heights increases the risk of long-term back, shoulder, hand and arm problems. Many environmental health and safety personnel within companies are now requiring some kind of lift to assist employees with anything over shoulder height, in some cases the weight of the product might only be 15 pounds.

At IWF 2016 Schmalz will show its lift assist devices in Booth 4822.


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