One way to rapidly declutter a kitchen is to build in a pantry. But it shouldn't just hide the mess. Pantries can be an extension of whichever room they are adjacent too - kitchen, office, mudroom, garage - and built-in features will speak to that.

Houzz recently featured a combo laundry-utility room with a mini kitchen. "Even in a super-skinny space, you can work in a washing machine, then add a run of units with a worktop, and open shelves above for storage, just as you might in a galley kitchen," writes designer Joanna Simmons. "It will take the pressure off your kitchen storage, as you can use it as a pantry." it as designed by Geoff Chick & Associates for a Florida home.

California Closets keeps at the leading edge in design and consumer behavior with laundry-cum-crafts-room approach. Details include a nifty dog feeding station artfully hid in the pull-out drawer.

Remodel West in San Francisco came up with something fresh: walk-in closet pantries, with big doors that are disguised as an extension of the kitchen cabinets.

"This was actually a closet under the stairs," says RemodelWest's Bill Reid. "If you look closely you can still see the stairway. We converted it to appear as cabinetry when closed."

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