Furniture with wireless chargers built in could see expanded application as the FCC approves use of the devices. Resonant products allow users to wirelessly charge their smart phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices without the need for "plugging-in" to a wall or other power outlet.

Gill Electronics says its TesLink wireless products has received Federal Communications Commission certification, the first wireless charging products based on the A4WP/Rezence standard. Gill products already had been certified to other regulatory requirements for use elsewhere around the world, including Europe and Asia.

Gill debuted TesLink, its first commercially available wireless chargers through surface transmitters, at NeoCon 2014. Its TesLink branded transmitter was the first resonant technology product to be commercially available; offering higher power transmitters delivering 16W of power. Its next generation is expected to deliver up to 50W of power, Gill Electronics says.


Wireless charging means the device can simply be laid down on the charging area, and allows multiple devices to charge simultaneously.

And while first generation wireless charging required placement of the device on a specific location on the surface, resonant-based devices can be placed anywhere within the charging area. They also have the ability to charge devices with different power requirements and different power states on the same area at the same time (i.e. a wearable device, smart phone, tablet and/or laptop).

Gill says it is working in partnership with other market leaders to deploy products into the automotive, furniture, consumer electronics, and medical markets. 

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