NEW YORK - FN Furniture founder Ken Landauer makes high-quality, low-cost furniture from single sheets of plywood. Each furniture piece uses a minimum of 92 percent of each plywood sheet.
Landauer launched FN Furniture in 2017 after building a house in upstate New York with his wife. Since then, his furniture has been picked up by the Museum of Art and Design, Saratoga Springs' Tang Museum, and the Dorsky Museum in New Paltz, New York. The collection consists of credenzas, sofas, bar stools, cabinets, chairs, and more.
Landauer's puzzle-piece style is made possible by a CNC. Each piece is is sanded, edged, and joined by hand, finished with a UV-cured acrylic coating, and customizable with laminated or lacquered color options.
After a piece is finished, Landauer will deliver it to anywhere in the Hudson Valley for free, and anywhere in New York City area for $50. He's currently working on flat-packing the pieces.
Landauer says his furniture is more comfortable than it appears, as he is an experienced yogi and studies proper body alignment and support before constructing a piece.

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