SAN FRANCISCO - Interior designer and author Jamie Durie will sell a branded line of furniture exclusively through home furnishings retailer Pottery Barn. Durie, an award-winning designer, horticulturist, internationally recognized television host and best-selling author, is known for creating outdoor rooms – luxurious living spaces designed for people to cook, eat, bathe and sleep outdoors – and for creating interiors that bring the outdoors inside.
Over the last decade, his work has evolved from landscape design into a successful furniture and interior design practice. At the heart of his design philosophy is the belief that the closer we live to nature, the happier we feel. Durie’s ‘Transterior’ spaces merge the interior and exterior of a home by integrating elements of nature with vegetations, colors, textures, architecture and beautifully designed furniture made from high-quality materials.
"My dream was to design the first true inside-out furniture collection on the market for Pottery Barn," Jamie Durie said. "We started with versatile and superior materials, blending beautiful fabric and richly stained mahogany, to create a collection that offers homeowners limitless freedom to use their furniture for both indoor and outdoor entertaining occasions. I think we have achieved that dream and I can’t wait to share it.”
Durie's collection for Pottery Barn combines characteristics of the classic American Craftsman era and with modern-day resort design. His collection of oversized lounge and dining settings are designed with both indoor and outdoor use in mind and feature a new blend of Sunbrella performance fabric developed by Durie for the collection.
“Jamie brings global inspiration and an impressive breadth of experience in landscaping and lifestyle craftsmanship to the design process,” said Monica Bhargava, EVP of Product Development, Pottery Barn. “The partnership has resulted in casual, comfortable pieces with strong lines and natural textiles that can be used anywhere in the home, inside or out.”
The collection debuts versatile pieces for everyday relaxation, entertaining and gardening with prices ranging between $39.50 and $2,000. 

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