Ethan's Tool Of The Week - Milwaukee Miter Saw Stand
September 8, 2017 | 6:59 am CDT
A majority of the installations I do take place inside apartments. Apartments, not known for their luxury of work space, dictate certain demands on the tools and equipment that get brought inside. 
Miter stands have always been something that I have gone without. These stands, bulky and hard to carry safely, have led me to set my miter saw on the floor or on one of my work boxes. I do this despite the objections from my back and the sacrifice of a clean work floor.
But no more, please give a warm welcome to the new miter saw stand from Milwaukee (pause for applause from tradesmen’s backs everywhere).
Coming in at 31 pounds, this miter stand is light enough for one hand carry. There is a conveniently placed oversized carry handle set right in the middle of the stand to help avoid the front or end nicking a wall. There is even an optional carry strap in case you want to forgo hand carry altogether.
Each leg has its own individual lock, in both the carry and work position. The locks for the extensions are also well designed and feel sturdy enough for years of use. Both of these are a total must in my book. Unlike past stands, where the fear of a rogue leg flail or unexpected extension opening was always on my mind, using this stand has given me peace.
All the moving parts and points of contact with the floor (and any less intended parts of the home) are coated in a plastic to help prevent any damage. 
And since Milwaukee has already brought all these other great features to the table, I guess they might as well bring a table as well. For extra convenience, there is an optional table accessory that lets your stand not only be for cuts but also transforms it into your jobsite work station.   
Light, safe and easy to carry, built strong and sturdy, you will be sure to see the Milwaukee Miter Saw Stand on my jobsite from here on out.  

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