DALLAS - The Dallas Mavericks have enlisted Varidesk, a Dallas-based manufacturer of height-adjustable desks and furniture, to help create an active, collaborative, and productive locker room, training facility and office space. 
"As a company, it is our goal to deliver quality, easy-to-use products that address the furniture needs of today, but also help businesses plan for future needs as they grow and require flexibility in choices," said Jason McCann, Varidesk CEO. "Mark Cuban is among the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, and we are honored Varidesk is integrated into both the Dallas Mavericks' coaches' offices and at Mark Cuban Companies.
Trending more and more are working environments that convey an organization's values. The active office mindset is being seen as the model for the workspace of the future — a space that encourages intellectual curiosity and allows people to embrace change.
"There is nothing better than walking into an office and feeling the energy; it's just like walking into a Mavericks game," said Cuban. "It truly makes a difference when you feel the energy of an open and collaborative office. Like us, Varidesk is based in Dallas, Texas and we're happy to support a hometown company that shares the same values in revitalizing and transforming the workplace into an active environment."
Varidesk, which comes fully-assembled, rests atop existing desks and makes it easy for users to turn their sitting desk into a stand-up desk, and back. By squeezing the handles on each side of the upper portion, users can raise the desk to work from a standing position at intervals throughout the day. Squeezing the handles and lightly pushing down will return the Varidesk to a lower position so users can work while sitting down.

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