LANCASTER, PA --   IdentiGrow says that since you have worked hard to create a top-of-the-line product you should let people know who made it. With custom nameplates, your contact information will always be easy to find and your customers will become your best advertisers. From small quantities to large, from very low priced to a plate that makes your customer look twice, IdentiGrow can supply the plate that fits your goals perfectly.A nameplate is a simple form of identification. Just as all vehicles carry the automaker’s name and emblem, most businesses want their products to carry some sort of identification. A nameplate provides this identity.
Nameplates can also carry the unique serial number of the product, which allows a business to track helpful information. For example, when a customer calls back for service or to request a matching product, a business can ask the customer to supply the serial number. This allows the business to efficiently pull up the specs on the product rather than asking the customer for all the details, saving the business’s money and the customer’s time.

IdentiGrow will be exhibiting in Booth 318 at the Lancaster Wood Pro Expo.  Click HERE to see a complete list of exhibitors.

Wood Pro Expo
Wood Pro Expo is the regional show series that brings education, equipment, and supplies close to cabinetmakers and custom woodworking businesses around the country. It will include a strong educational program on best practices for shop production, and as well as an expo oriented to equipment and supplies geared to the small and medium size shops, including CNC basics, employee recruitment, finishing, lean manufacturing, business management, software, and shop safety.  Launched in 2014 in Baltimore, Wood Pro Expo was first held in Lancaster in October, 2017.  It returns to Lancaster October 18-19, 2018 and Charlotte March 16-18, 2019.


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