Company says its flameless catalytic infrared heaters cure any liquid coating
July 24, 2019 | 11:22 am CDT
LANCASTER, Pa. - Green Fast Cure (GFC) will display flameless catalytic infrared heaters including its energy efficient, plug and play GF2 system in booth #207 at the Wood Pro Expo in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The company says its systems are used to cure any type of liquid coating.
The flameless combustion of the GF2 system and other GFC products emits medium infrared waves, which will generate heat within any liquid coating through molecular excitation, driving solvents and water outward. The GF2 system offers the option to force the drying or curing of any type of organic coating, and is particularly efficient over water-based coatings as it forces the moisture out within two to three minutes according to the company.
GFC furthers explains that infrared is an invisible radiant wave length of energy, lying just beyond visible light, on the red side of the radiant light spectrum. This technology has been approved by CSA International and is 100 percent user safe according to the company.
GF2 features a control panel, a pyrometer on each thermos-heating head to read and control the surface temperature, a flexible arm system with a 60-inch span and 180-degree rotation, and a rail system that allows the GF2 to move sideways. Suitable for applications in aerospace, automobile, composites, industrial steel and woods, and more, the company says it can save up to 80 percent of energy compared to hot-air curing.
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