IMOLA, ITALY – Woodworkers from around the world were in attendance at the Fall 2015 edition of Cefla Live to view the new finishing technologies and see the future of the  industry.

The three-day event held at Cefla's headquarters in Imola, Italy, ended Oct. 17. During their visit to the Cefla Lab, participants had a chance to get an up-close and personal, real-time look at all the Cefla technologies. Guest requests guided equipment demonstrations, and the lab-based workshop provided an exceptional forum for asking questions and increasing individual understanding of Cefla's finishing technologies.

The event showcased a variety of technology and solutions: spraying machines from the streamlined “Prima” to the sophisticated “iGiottoApp.” Guests saw firsthand how the Smartcoater Evo line with Inert Fusion Technology creates the highest gloss results. Profile technology and vacuum solutions were also well received by the audience. In particular, there was great interest around the Duespohl Multiwrap machine for profile wrapping, as well as the iGiotto line for assembled windows coating.
Participants were also eager to see and learn more about Innovapress, the newest technology from Cefla Finishing Group capable of increasing technical characteristics of a MDF panel by providing waterproof quality with no residual fibers when routed.

Cefla Live attendees included a variety of customers from all over the world, with the strongest attendance from Russia and North/Central and East Europe, as well as an enthusiastic group from the U.S.
“We believe in our technology and in the continuous work we do to improve our solutions and surprise customers and prospects with new and innovative answers to their needs,” says Cefla Finishing Group Sales Manager Roberto Bolognini. “As 2015 comes to a close, we look forward to a consistently positive 2016 even if with tangible uncertainties coming from certain countries. Staying true to our consumers will guide us toward continued growth, success and continued products innovation, crucial to help our customers improve their production cycles and product quality.”
To find out more about products shown at Cefla Live 2015, visit The site also offers an in-depth look at Mito, Easy, iGIOTTOApp, iBotic, and Pixart Plot by Cefla Finishing; Inert Coating Technology, SmartEdge and SmartParquet by Sorbini; RoboWrap and Laminating System by Düspohl; and iGIOTTO by Falcioni.


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