Even small cabinetry projects like a single bathroom vanity can present challenges to custom woodworkers in setting for pricing. By participating in the FDMC Pricing Survey, hundreds of woodworkers annually find out how their bidding practices stack up against peers - and competitors - across the U.S.
Shop owners frequently express astonishment at how widely bids for custom cabinetry and millwork vary. Sometimes bids for the same job vary by thousands of dollars. Why is that? The answer is complex and includes issues of costing mistakes, market pressures, as well as experience and capabilities of different shops.

Enter FDMC Pricing Survey now: Deadline: August 15, 2016

The annual FDMC Pricing Survey has been probing this question for nearly 20 years. Participants contribute to that effort, as well receiving unique intelligence on pricing that can be applied to their own work.

What is the FDMC Pricing Survey?

The survey takes real projects done by real shops and makes the bidding specifications for those projects available to shops all across North America. You and all of the other volunteer bidders price the jobs, and we print the itemized results in our October 2016 issue of FDMC magazine, showing breakdowns for materials, shop rates, and production time.
Many shop owners report that just doing the survey helps them fine-tune their pricing and estimating procedures. Often shops request the bidding materials after the survey runs in the magazine so they can compare their results. But the real benefit comes from increased participation for more accurate results.

How to participate in the FDMC Pricing Survey

The more participation by shops, the more value and validity the survey has. Identities of all shops that participate are kept confidential.
To obtain a bid package, simply send us your name, address, and phone number, plus some information about what kind of work your shop does. We'll mail you a bid package. Or email bid package requests to will.sampson@woodworkingnetwork.com. You can also download the package directly from fdmcdigital.com/small-shop/pricing-survey.pdf.
All bids must be turned in August 15 to be included in the published pricing survey.
For more information, call me at 203.512.5661, email will.sampson@woodworkingnetwork.com or download the packet at fdmcdigital.com/small-shop/pricing-survey.pdf

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