CINCINNATI  – Nail Gun Depot has launched a finish nailer face-off. The tool and fastener distributor is running an interactive showdown between competing cordless products with an online survey of  users' exxperiences.


Nail Gun Depot, an international e-commerce brand specializing in nail guns, staplers, and screw fastening systems, has launched its second-ever product duel, the Finish Nailer Face-Off. The competition features two well-known brands in fastening, Senco Fusion and Hitachi. Among talking points, the campaign emphasizes advancements in cordless nailing technology.

The program, which runs through March 3, allows visitors the opportunity to compare each participating cordless finish nailer feature-for-feature. Further encouraging users to pick up and test the products, all promotional tools include a free spare battery with purchase. Orders will be tallied at the conclusion, to determine a final winner.

To boost engagement, one Senco customer and one Hitachi customer will each receive a special grand prize from the brand of their choosing.

“Creating an interactive sales experience allows long-time pneumatic [air-powered tool] users to witness the advancements in cordless nailing technology, without feeling pressured to commit,” commented Mark Bordicks, Marketing and E-Commerce Director at Nail Gun Depot. “Cordless tools today are nothing like their decade-old predecessors. It’s our obligation to promote the best fastening products available – period.”

Nail Gun Depot launched in 2000, in response to growing demand for e-commerce tool and fastener distribution within construction and manufacturing industries. Celebrating over 15 years of service as a STAFDA distributor, Nail Gun Depot remains a driving force for quality fastening products on a global scale.Additional details about the Finish Nailer Face-Off can be found at or call 1.888.720.7892.

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