Thousands ‘attend’ Interzum @home
June 8, 2021 | 12:07 pm CDT
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The show featured 230 digital events and generated more than 10,000 leads for exhibitors. Photo: Koelnmesse

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Hafele’s Linear Lens lighting system.

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Lamello’s Clamex P-14 Flexus. Available in North America from Colonial Saw.

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Arpa's Bloom core technology for Fenix NTM and Arpa HPL.

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Vita Group's Orbis flexible polyurethane foam.

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Hettich’s AvanTech YOU Illumination.

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Blum's Merivobox metal box system.

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Sugatsune Excelock is a contactless electronic lock system.

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Schattdecor's Flagstaff Oak decorative surface.

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Rehau’s Raukantex Eco and Raukantex Evo.

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Alvic's Zenit Metal Plus decorative panels.

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Lighting Pad Lounge from Nimbus Group.

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Sonae Arauco's Innovus Feel Light Grey-Cosmos panel.

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Continental's Skai VyP fabric with laif technology.

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DTC’s Magic-Pro double-wall drawer system.

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Senosan/Senoplast’s AM1800TopMatt AF.

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Surteco trendy designs for flooring.

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Titus’ Tekform Slimline thin wall drawer with the Tacto touch opening system.

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Kessebohmer's EasyLine cutlery and multi-functional insert.

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King Slide’s Simlead wood drawer system.

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Pfleiderer’s FunXtional Products Collection.

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Hawa’s Concepta fittings.


More than 10,000 people from 132 countries participated in Interzum @home 2021. Accessible at, the digital edition of Interzum generated more than 10,000 leads for the 142 companies exhibiting at the May 4-7 event.

“The last few days have shown how creatively the industry approaches new challenges,” said Oliver Frese, COO of Koelnmesse, the show’s organizer.  “I am firmly convinced that Interzum 2023 will naturally have a strong physical presence here in Cologne, but its attractive digital offerings will make it even more valuable for all participants.” 

Interzum 2023 is scheduled to take place May 9-12.  For information visit

Award-winning product innovations
This year’s show focused on sustainability and included presentations on global megatrends such as digitalization, individualization, mobility and urbanization. A number of companies also featured products for today’s changing lifestyles.

Twenty products were recognized by Red Dot and Interzum for their quality, design achievements and sustainability.

“The winners of this year’s competition impressively show that the furniture and supplier industry is working towards new and improved solutions saving resources,” said Maik Fischer, director of Interzum.  “We are already excited for what we will get to see in two years’ time.”

Four companies earned Best of Best awards for product innovations.

Hafele’s Linear Lens lighting system intelligently focuses the light from LED strips, achieving twice the illuminance in the desired focus area without changing the dimensions. The LED strip can be used to illuminate kitchen work surfaces, wardrobes and other areas, while reducing glare by 85 percent, the company says. The Linear Lens is suitable for all Loox5 LED strip lights with a width of 5mm or 8mm. It should be available in North America by the end of the year.

Lamello’s Clamex P-14 Flexus is a detachable furniture connector with flexible positioning pins. The connectors are inserted into the material without protruding, thereby allowing them to also be installed into existing parts. It is available in North America from Colonial Saw.

Arpa says Bloom is a new core technology for Fenix NTM and Arpa HPL that makes them more sustainable. Lignin technology is introduced to the paper’s thermosetting resins to significantly reduce the amount of phenol by 50 percent. Lignin is a natural polymer occurring in wood that holds wood fibers together.

Available from the Vita Group, Orbis is a flexible polyurethane foam made with raw materials partly sourced from recycled foam mattresses. The base material comprises Renuva polyols, giving the foam similar properties to traditionally made PU foams.

Along with the Best of Best winners, the following were recognized by Interzum as High Product Quality winners.

With Hettich’s AvanTech YOU Illumination, profiles with integrated LEDs are clipped onto the AvanTech YOU drawer side, creating a signature lighting effect on the inside or outside. A rechargeable battery pack supplies the necessary energy. On drawer sides with glass inlays, AvanTech YOU Illumination also creates special visual effects.

A new platform by Blum focusing on design, flexibility and ease of assembly, the Merivobox metal box system needs only a few components to create a broad range of designs. It features easy access 3D adjustment, and the assembly process is the same for the entire platform. It is expected to launch soon in Europe.

Also from Blum, the Aventos HKi lift system can be integrated into any cabinet side 16mm or thicker, creating a seamless look. Alternatively, a groove can be milled out to the inner side panel and concealed with a cover cap. The system is also suitable for handle-less applications. Plans call to also launch soon in Europe.

The AZ-AT electric bin lid from Sugatsune has a sensor-operated opening system for safe and hygienic use, that can detect a movement from 0 to 300mm away. The integrated soft-close mechanism also ensures the lid closes safely without trapping hands.

Also from Sugatsune, Excelock is a contactless electronic lock system that can be integrated in wood or glass doors, making it invisible from the outside.

Häfele’s JobTisch is an electrically height-adjustable sit/stand workstation. Available in various model sizes, 78 color combinations and a variety of finishes, including veneer or laminates. JobTisch also comes with power connections, a drawer and a magnetic rear wall.

Schattdecor says its Flagstaff Oak decorative surface is an oak decor with a convincing old wood look. Distinctive cracks and knots with a metallic effect create a special design element that ensures a rustic yet modern appearance. The decor features silver, bronze or copper accents that also go wonderfully with matte black surfaces on furniture.

Rehau’s new sustainable edgebands, Raukantex Eco consists of 50 percent recyclates, while the Raukantex Evo is a certified edgeband that requires no additional crude oil. Both are available as an adhesive edgeband (Raukantex Pure) or zero joint edgeband (Raukantex Pro).

Alvic offers Zenit Metal Plus decorative panels that combine the properties of wood with a metallic finish, resulting in high color saturation and a transparent effect. In addition to a silky texture, the product is characterized by high resistance to scratches, abrasion and heat.

Available from 3B, Rexlam is an environmentally friendly laminate made from 100 percent recycled polypropylene. The company says the material is suitable for multiple purposes within interior decoration and furniture.

The contoured surface of the Lighting Pad Lounge from Nimbus Group is made of sustainable wood veneer and the bottom includes an acoustically effective form fleece that integrates high-quality lenses for a glare-free beam.

Sonae Arauco says the natural texture of the matte, 3D melamine surface on its Innovus Feel Light Grey-Cosmos panel offers a felt-like aesthetic that conveys a feeling of calm and comfort.

Skai PureLux decorative overlay has an attractive appearance and a pleasant feel due to its soft-touch effect, says Continental. It also offers extreme scratch resistance and ease of cleaning as well as an anti-fingerprint effect.

Also from Continental, Skai VyP with laif technology is a breathable upholstery fabric. The environmentally friendly hybrid vinyl and polyurethane material offers a soft feel and a trendy color range in soft pastel shades.

From Arpa, VIS is a surface material engineered with mineral components, resulting in increased wear resistance. Because the material includes organic components, the tactile experience of the texture is also enhanced, the company says. It is offered in 20 exclusive decors and distinctive finishes.

Vita’s VitaRest Origin pillow incorporates foam based on bio polyols and made from plants such as sunflowers, soya, pine and castor. The Origin foam responds to body heat and pressure points for support and comfort.

More noteworthy products
Also gaining our attention were:

DTC’s Magic-Pro double-wall drawer system, available in three colors, soft-close or push-open function, and five drawer side heights. With the addition of gallery rails the drawer height can be extended to contain the intended contents. Not only is this option functional, the company says, but it adds an extra design element. Weight capacity options are 40kg (88 lbs) and 60kg (132 lbs).

Senosan/Senoplast’s new AM1800TopMatt AF decorative surface is an anti-fingerprint, anti-bacterial product in a super-matte finish. The material also offers stain, scratch and abrasion resistance, as well as chemical resistance. Senosan AM1800TopMatt AF films are available in nine market-adjusted trend colors.

Along with new surfaces for furniture, Surteco spotlighted trendy designs for flooring, including rustics and oaks. The company also offers matching foil and decorative paper for skirting board and transition strips or prefinished skirting boards with matching colors and textures.

Titus’ Tekform Slimline thin wall drawer is now available with the Tacto touch opening system for effortless opening of handle-less drawer fonts. The Tekform Slimline Tacto has the activator integrated into the drawer runner, while all other components remain the same as for the standard Slimline version, as do drilling and fixing positions.

Kessebohmer's EasyLine cutlery and multi-functional insert comes in five sets to accommodate different drawer sizes and accessory needs, including a cross-shaped divider, spice insert, knife block, foil holder and two boxes for pull-outs. EasyLine is available in any type and color of wood as well as OrganiQ material.

King Slide’s Simlead wood drawer system allows for 8-way adjustment and features hands-free opening. The switchable push-open design lets users easily change from the dual-function push open and soft close to a soft close only setting at a flip of a switch. The improved runner profile enables a high load bearing of up to 60kg (132 pounds).

Part of Pfleiderer’s FunXtional Products Collection, Duropal Xtreme Plus features a matte, low-reflection and antibacterial surface, along with anti-fingerprint and impact resistance. It is suitable for heavy-duty horizontal surfaces.

Hawa’s Concepta and Folding Concepta fittings for hinged doors and pivot and folding/sliding doors provide flexibility in a seamless design. Fronts disappear and appear again in seconds, providing full access to the entire cabinet’s width.

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