Millwork-intensive media room is an award winner
This interior design project by La Scala Integrated Media, Vancouver, B.C., won Best Media Room in the 2015 CEDIA Awards.

This interior design project won Best Media Room in the 2015 CEDIA Awards, given by the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association. CEDIA says the home technology industry totals $14 billion, and it represents 3,500 member companies worldwide and that employ more than 22,000 industry professional that manufacture, design, and integrate goods and services for the connected home.

La Scala Integrated Media, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, says it worked with the architect and builder to ensure the design requirements were met while staying within budget. The objective was to deliver a world-class cinema experience without going over budget. This homeowner requested an adaptable space in which to enjoy movies as a family and to act as a casual sitting room for business meetings with clients.

The architect and homeowner determined the basic layout for the space, with two rows of formal seating for theater viewing and a pair of custom club chairs that provide additional seating for viewing or casual conversation.

Once the layout was determined, La Scala Integrated Media got involved to ensure acoustic treatment could be incorporated and speakers would be installed in ideal locations.

Working with the architect allowed La Scala to implement acoustic treatment in the most critical surfaces: front and back walls, as well as the front half of the two side walls. The treatment is hidden behind fabrics selected from Cineak’s line of acoustically transparent fabrics. The depth on the front and back walls is up to 16 inches and the side walls have 4 inches of absorption.

The architect wanted a curved front wall to make this room unique within the home which elsewhere has straight lines and square corners. This worked perfectly for incorporating a Stewart Cinecurve screen with a 40-foot radius that the architect and builder matched with the curve of their front wall for an integrated look.

In consultation with Triad’s technical designers, four CinemaPlus Silver Subs speakers were installed – one in each of the corners, two low at the front, and two high in the rear corners. This resulted in uniform bass coverage across the entire seating area.

The fireplace stands in the double sliding doors at the entrance. To compensate for the hard reflective surface of the stone fireplace, wood doors and millwork added diffusion and absorption across the rear wall and on the front wall a checkerboard pattern of absorptive panels with 4-inch insulation.

The finished room allows the image to take center stage without any distracting reflections from the ceiling, floor, or front side walls.

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