SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - The Korea Wood Show, a leading trade show in Korea is scheduled for November 9-12, 2017 at Hall 10 of KINTEX ( 2nd Exhibition Center).
The notable items to be introduced at 2017 Korea Wood Show are wood furniture, diverse species wood slab, various types of wooden houses and interior and exterior wood products etc. Show runners say the show is aimed at the appreciation of diverse wood products, building materials for wood house construction including structural lumber and panel products, glulam and engineered wood products, furniture, and diverse species for making wood slabs and treated wood.
Like in 2016, the key phrase of the 2017 Korea Wood Show is “the house”, for which interior decoration with wood products and earthquake resistant design will be introduced. Various types of wooden houses including the light-weighted wood house, heavy timber house, movable wooden house and wooden house as a secondary home will be highlighted.
The exhibition items to be featured at 2017 Korea Wood Show are :
  • Wood products including hardwood and softwood lumber, finger-joint and edge-glued panel, glulam, plywood, engineered wood products including OSB, decking and gardening products, treated wood, industrial lumber, package/palate lumber, plywood, MDF/particleboard, etc.
  • Building materials for wooden houses including dimension lumber, structural panels including OSB, glulam and engineered wood products, pre-cut timber, flooring materials, interior/exterior materials, finishing materials, insulation materials, door/windows, low-energy building materials, energy-reducing building materials, lighting, wooden flooring, wall panel products, finishing materials, etc)
  • Consulting service for the construction and interior of various types of wooden houses, including light weight wood house, heavy timber house, and the pre-cut timber house,
  • Machinery and equipment/tools including woodworking machines, laser cutters, wood seasoning machines, CNC, power equipment and tools, DIY tools, and hand tools.
  • Solid wood furniture and handcrafted furniture.
  • Other products including paints, adhesives, surfacing materials, natural oil, and stain.
The 2016 Korea Wood show attended by 130 exhibition companies and over 25,000 people.

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