This September, build-your-own-surfboard shop Grain Surfboards is giving those interested the opportunity to build their own custom surfboard on Star Island, of the Isles of Shoals, surrounded by the ocean. Star Island is located around seven miles off the coast of New England.

The trip to Star Island is focused on taking the natural board-building process to the next level. Among rocky cliffs, seabirds, rustic buildings, and the ocean, students will build their boards in the tradition of the fisher-folk who once lived there.

Over the last decade, Grain Surfboards has allowed anyone to come in and build their own surfboard under the guidance of experienced craftsmen. Students build wooden surfboards like boats: hollow and from the ground-up.


Grain Surfboards opens second build-your-own cedar board woodshop

Grain Surfboards, a woodshop where anyone can come and build their own cedar surfboard under the guidance of experienced craftsmen, has opened a new location in Amagansett Village, outside of Montauk, New York on the East End of Long Island. 

Registration at includes lodging, three meals a day, ferry travel, and more.  Members of the Star Island community should contact the Star Island office or website to fit this event into their annual visit.

There's room for seven student board-builders in this workshop, with some spots reserved for Star Island community members.

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