November 6
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Manufacturing Solutions Seminar

About the Event:

Stiles Machinery's Manufacturing Solutions Seminar will take place Nov. 6-8, 2018 at the company's showroom located at 729 Gallimore Dairy Rd., High Point, North Carolina.
The seminar is aimed to explore new ways of approaching challenges in the manufacturing industry and discovering the right solutions to grow a business. Some of the topics the seminar will explore are new concepts in information and material handling, innovative software solutions, best practices in production flow and material batching, and how to hire and retain the right talent. 
Days one and three will focus on panel dividing. Attendees will hear from industry experts in panel processing during live workcell demonstrations and receive hands-on training with state-of-the-art panel dividing equipment including a fully-automatic work cell with integrated robotics and the latest technology in saw operator assistance.
Day two will focus on solid wood. Attendees will witness a wide variety of solutions in solid wood manufacturing including a continuous workcell production of a five-piece door, money-saving tooling and technologies, sawing, sanding, finishing, and innovative technology to help achieve higher performance and yield.
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Stiles Manufacturing Solutions Seminar

High Point, NC


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