April 23
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EBC 2017: Rethink Manufacturing

About the Event:

The wood manufacturing industry is evolving. Never before have there been more opportunities for manufacturers to move forward with new technology, new methodology and new optimism. Advanced data and metrics enable manufacturers to optimize like never before.

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Technology has made seemingly impractical production goals into reality. Valuable knowledge and game-changing advancement opportunities are within your grasp. Are you prepared to move your company into the new age of manufacturing?
Join us in the manufacturing epicenter of America for insightful educational briefings, behind-the-scenes tours of advanced facilities focused on ‘what’s next’ in the world of manufacturing and exclusive networking opportunities with industry leaders.
The Executive Briefing Conference provides company leaders with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions on the future success of their company. Intensive briefings, thought-provoking speakers, case studies, plant tours and networking provide decision makers with the knowledge, strategies and attitude necessary for success in today's manufacturing world.
Since 2002, the EBC has become the premier venue for key manufacturers to network and explore new ways to succeed. By providing strategic and practical information that addresses manufacturing challenges, the EBC provides a forum to find out about new technologies and methods and discover opportunities in a non-commercial environment. 

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