Biesse offers the Bre.Ma EKO 902 small footprint vertical CNC machining center. The machine can drill on all four edges and one face and is capable of routing around the entire perimeter as well as  insertion of glue and dowels. It offers a laser measurement system of parts in X, CNC control of the Z-axis pressure shoes, and independently programmable high speed grippers, for fast cycling and batch-one zero set-up time, says the company. It also has the ability to work on delicate surfaces due to a double clamp that allows users to secure the panel with support.  Flexible working units include 13 spindle boring blocks, 3 horizontal spindles in X, vertical spindle in Y, 1 saw blade in X, 1 electro spindle with ISO 030 quick change. Hinge boring, dowel insertion and hardware insertion are optional.

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