Companies around the world have mandated working from home to slow the spread of the coronavirus.  Are your clients looking to carve out some space for a home office?  
Sliding barn doors offer a functional fix to help segment off an area for privacy while adding a stylish element to the décor. Sliding doors can also be used to conceal anything unsightly (TV) or whiteboards. Sliding barn doors can also be used to close off stairways, change the feel of a closet, or to add architectural interest to your space. 
These doors are also ideal in a corporate setting. For example, our company conference room benefited from the addition of sliding barn doors to hide the glass panel we use for diagramming or note taking during meetings.  
The sliding doors of today have come a long way from previous iterations that relied on hardware using unstable open flat track systems. New sliding flat track hardware features great functionality with anti-jump blocks and floor guides that keeps sliding doors in position and well-seated on the track.  
Sliding door hardware that is of high quality gives you both the style of door you want and the durability and ease of use you need.  Invest in sliding door hardware and track systems that will work well in your space and which come recommended by professionals.  Consult with a sliding barn door supplier or your current hardware rep to source solutions. 
Christina Relyea is sales & marketing manager at JB Cutting Inc.,

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