CINCINNATI, Ohio - Homebuyers expect more out of their closet space and Organized Living, manufacturer of home organization and storage products, has developed a list of five closet trends that are in demand.
1. Adjustability. Homebuyers want to be able to move their closet around to fit their needs. Whether it’s adjusting a shelf to accommodate thick sweaters or lowering a hanging rod to reach clothes easily, homebuyers want more functionality from their shelving. And not only do they want to adjust their closet system, they want to keep adding accessories to it. freedomRail has the strength to adjust whenever the mood strikes and the versatility to add components for years to come.
2. His and Her Closets. Homebuyers want to create perfect harmony with their significant other with a his and her closet. They are personalizing their space like men decking out their space with sports memorabilia, transforming their closet into a ‘man cave’. Women are adding touches of serious glamour with chandeliers and wallpaper accents. If you are building one closet, divide the sides in the closet with a distinction in product design for a his side and a her side.
3. White Finishes. Homebuyers are having a moment right now with white finishes. They want bright white finishes to liven up their closets and highlight their wardrobe. Organized Living freedomRail Snowdrift Live closet finish is an upgrade to white finishes. It boasts variegated grains of gray and stark white to elevate the look of closets.
4. Ditch the Dresser! Say goodbye to wasted space and hello to a minimalistic bedroom. Homebuyers everywhere are looking for ways to nix their dressers, and want drawers and open shelving in the closet to store their entire wardrobe. Homebuyers want their closet to be a one-stop-shop when it comes to getting dressed. freedomRail boasts a full line of components like drawers, hampers and pull out shoe shelves to effortlessly contain any size wardrobe homebuyers throw at it.
5. Maximizing Every Inch of Space. Homebuyers are no longer messing around with wasted space. They want to take advantage of every available space; after all, storage is a premium! Closets have nooks and crannies that were going to waste, but not anymore. Homebuyers are demanding shelving that maximizes space by going wall-to-wall. No wasted space!
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