Luminook shines light in small storage spaces
February 20, 2020 | 4:04 pm UTC
LAWRENCE, Kan. - Luminook Lighting, which exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), for the first time this year, is a new company offering battery operated thin LED lighting strips to illuminate small spaces in closets and pantries. The lighting solution is hands-free and color-temperature adjustable and uses the position of a door to turn lights on and off. For spaces with no door, a hand gesture can turn the lights on, according to the company.
Luminook can be placed around the inner door frame of any small space and engineered clips keep the light strip hidden from view, while aiming light towards the center of the space. 
“Everyone wants to maximize storage in the spaces of their homes,” said Chris Stubbs, creator of Luminook. “But spaces are only good if you can see what’s in them. Luminook beautifully, and effortlessly, illuminates any small space so they can be seen, used and organized.”
The color-temperature of Luminook is variable, from warm yellow to cool white, and can automatically adjust based on time of day or even the position of the sun. Luminook’s brightness is also variable. It can automatically adjust based on ambient light conditions. All of Luminook’s customizable features are accessed using a connected smartphone app. Luminook allows the user to light their space, their way.
Luminook uses a removable lithium-ion battery pack that charges via USB. According to the company,  the average user can expect more than a month of run time. A high-capacity battery pack is also available. Additionally, Luminook can draw power from an existing light socket with an optional accessory.
Installation of Luminook requires no special tools, and the control module, which houses the sensors and battery pack, can be installed inside the closet with 3M adhesive. The LED clips are also secured with adhesive. Installation should take about 10 minutes, and will uninstall cleanly with no marks on the wall or trim, the company said.
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