How to convert browsers to customers
By Mike Foti
June 6, 2018 | 12:33 pm CDT

In this article, I’m going to dish out several more reasons you need to care about content marketing (if you want to stay in business). In addition, I’ve got to ‘keep it real dog’ (as Randy Jackson used to say on American Idol) and give you 3 harsh truths (I don’t want you living in some hyper-delusional content marketing La-La land).

Reason #1 – No prospect left behind with the 99% rule  

Here’s a depressing fact. 99% of the people who show up on your site will pop in, pop out and do nothing (often never to return). Ouch!

Think about it – how many times are you an Internet tire kicker? You bounce around from site to site – see something cool – then can’t find your way back. How many searches (sometimes stretched over years) have you done before you actually bought?

While driving new traffic to your content is good – getting permission to continue to communicate with the 99% of the people who aren’t ready to buy (or fill out your Free design form now) is even better. This is why email is still H-U-G-E. Offer free additional content in exchange for an email address and first name. Send out content at least once a month to stay in front of them (and continue to educate on your unique products/services). I guarantee you this strategy will give you a H-U-G-E leg up on your competition.

Reason #2 – Position yourself as ‘da man, ‘da woman or ‘da company who knows their stuff 

Let’s assume today you don’t have the bucks to spend with the #1 company in your market called “Bigley Cabinets and Closets.” Bigley is promoting EVERYWHERE. However, you want to grow – to gain influence – on a much smaller budget. Content marketing is a perfect way for this to happen.

As you post more articles, more videos and more images with descriptive info to the towns you do business in – you’ll become ‘da man or ‘da woman in the eyes of ‘da prospect. However – it will come at a cost.

The ‘cost’ of content marketing – 3 harsh realities (most people won’t tell you)

Here’s the rub on content marketing. It’s tough. Most people won’t do it. It’s takes tremendous discipline and effort to succeed. Let’s take a cold slap-in-the-face look at these harsh realities.

Harsh reality #1 – There is no ‘free lunch’ or quick wins

My most successful blog (I write on 2 today) called News from The Block numbers 50,000 visitors per month. It took me 7 years to get there. I’ve read so many articles about blogging while running in my basement it might blow your mind. I’ve had so many days I didn’t feel like writing. I got out of bed at 3 or 4 AM to do it anyway.

Content marketing should be ‘re-branded’ and called ‘Effort Marketing.’ As Hans and Franz might say (back in the day of Saturday Night Live), “No Pain, No Gain.”

Harsh reality #2 – It works best as a team sport

You and I can’t be experts on everything. Content marketing involves researching, writing, editing, speaking, working with images, taking pictures and social media posting to name a few tasks. If you try to take on all this stuff, you’ll either go nuts (or quickly become overwhelmed). You’ve got to get help from people in your company (or a team of cost-effective independent freelance contractors). Don’t go it alone.

Ask your designers and installers to get ‘before’ and ‘during’ pics of your jobs. Contact customers to get glamour ‘after’ shots and interview them about their project and what they find cool about it. If writing gives you the dry-heaves, find a contract blogger familiar with SEO to do it for you. Do what you can do. Get help from others.

Harsh reality #3 –Google practices age discrimination

Do you think the freshest, newest, most up-to-date content is what you’re seeing in search results today? Think again.

Your content will show up higher in search when it has ‘street cred.’ It’s been around the block. People have checked it out. They have linked to it. They have commented on the post. Your article has become as popular as Kim Kardashian’s monetization of her life (OK –nothing can become this popular!). 

Content success will not happen overnight.

It will happen when you post like it’s a religious experience.

It will happen when you distribute the daylights out of these articles and videos on social media.

DO NOT waste your time starting content marketing if you’re going to give up after a few months. You MUST be in it for the long-haul.


Content marketing is not an easy path. It is the path less taken. It can become tremendously profitable for you – if you have the discipline to not veer from the path.

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