Robin Dake is the marketing and new client coordinator at Cope Closet Concepts in Toccoa, GA.
Robin Dake is the marketing and new client coordinator at Cope Closet Concepts in Toccoa, GA.

In the midst of getting new customers, measuring spaces and getting just the right design created for your customers, do you feel like ideas like posting, tweeting, followers and hashtags are just too much to take on in your closet business? Like it or not, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are here to stay and are viable advertising and communication avenues. You may not be interested in that kind of communication, however, your potential clients might be and it could be just the right photograph on Instagram that sparks an interest.

So what is a closet professional to do? Here’s some tricks and tips that have worked for us at Cope Closets.

•    If you have a marketing professional as part of your team, make sure social media is a part of the overall advertising strategy.
•    If you are a smaller organization and don’t have a dedicated marketing person, you might be able to hire a free-lance social media consultant.
•    Determine which social media site works best for your kind of business. Facebook is ubiquitous and still used by a wide range of people.  Twitter works for companies who have constant updates for specials or changing dynamics. Pinterest and Instagram are heavily dependent on photographs. Perhaps the best guide is to find out which social media sites your customers are using the most and focus on those. You do not need to be on all of them.
•    Be diligent about using the site consistently and using it well. Make sure your grammar and spelling are correct and that your photographs are high quality. Remember, what you put on these sites represents your business and can effect your reputation.
•    Connect, connect, connect. One of the beauties of social media is the connection so you should make sure your webpage has a link to your Facebook page and vice versa. Add a link to your social media on any email blasts you send out and even consider adding a “like us on Facebook” type sentence to your invoices.
•    To learn more about social media, do a search on the internet for more information. There is plenty of good information out there.

Even if you got into the closet business because you love the hands-on tools of the trade, you still have to run your business. Advertising and marketing on social media is as much a part of running a good business as invoicing properly, updating your licenses and returning emails. Don’t let the newness scare you. Dive into to learning what it is all about and soon you will be tweeting, following, posting and hashtagging with the best of them.

Robin Dake is the Marketing and New Client Coordinator at Cope Closet Concepts in Toccoa, GA.

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