Learn how to run a cabinet shop the Lean way with Brad Cairns


On April 11 Brad Cairns will present a five-hour intensive course on Lean Management for cabinet shops and closets businesses at Cabinets & Closets Expo. Lean Management whittles away non-productive activity in businesses - in the shop, the business office, in installation - and improves profit margins. It also makes it a lot more fun to run a business. 

Brad runs cabinet shop Signature Wood Systems. he will be joined in his presentation by Center for Lean Learning's Lynn Thompson, and by Bobby Lewis, founder of Perspective Approach, and a manager at Allmoxy, and at Lewis Cabinets.

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Those taking the class, Brad invites you to send in specific problems and challenges you have in your business. Write him at [email protected] 

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Brad Cairns | President/Owner/C-Level

Brad Cairns is the senior principal at Quantum Lean and is dedicated to improving the woodworking industry in North America using lean methods. He also owns Best Damn Doors, a cabinet door manufacturing business in St. Thomas, Ontario. You can reach Brad at 519-494-2883 or [email protected].