HARRISBURG, S.D. – Showplace Cabinetry has been re-certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, passing their tests of durability and performance.

The re-certification took place following a series of product improvements that were recently implemented. These product improvements were designed to position Showplace Cabinetry ahead of other available brands in the mid-priced, affordably custom cabinet space.

The tests conducted for certification are demanding. Cabinet shelving is loaded with 15 pounds per square foot, gradually loading mounted cabinets to 600 pounds and dropping a three-pound weight at six inches above the cabinet bottom to evaluate the overall strength and durability.

Drawers are cycled 25,000 times fully loaded with 15 pounds per square foot, while cabinet doors are opened and closed 25,000 times, testing their ability to withstand 65 pounds of hanging weight. The cabinetry finish is exposed to stain threats like vinegar, grape juice, coffee, alcohol and even mustard. Cabinets must endure a humid heat-box for 24 hours at 120 degrees to ensure no finish blistering or discoloration. Showplace Cabinetry was proven to meet or exceed all standards set by the KCMA.


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