A Danish company that made its name by upgrading and flat-packing Ikea cabinets is launching its own kitchen cabinet line. 
Reform's new cabinets are made of melamine faced chipboards (MFC) and feature a patented locking system that allows for extremely quick assembly. Similar to Valinge's threespine click technology, panels can simply be "clicked" into a pre-milled groove on another panel. No screwdrivers or nails are required.  A hit with your hand or a rubber mallet then locks it into place.
“My son, who is two and a half, can do it,” says Reform CEO and founder Jeppe Christensen.
The modular, flatpack cabinets are available in black, white, and oak laminate finishes and are intended to be customized with the company's plethora of drawers and shelving options. For added strength, the back panel has been fortified with additional thickness.
“It’s as sturdy as a screwed cabinet and sometimes, depending on where the force is coming from, even much stronger,” says Christensen.
The line starts at $90.
Before venturing into its own cabinets, Reform made its money by offering customizations for Ikea cabinets. It hopes its new cabinet line will complement its main business.

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