ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Merillat Cabinetry says is began noticing a positive trend in  painted kitchen cabinets during 2015, and that hasn't slowed in 2016. Based on buying trends, the Masco unit expects paint to continue gaining popularity throughout 2016. 
"Merillat Cabinetry’s Cotton White finish is one of our best-selling paints and dominates all markets in the U.S.,” says Lori Salem, Manager of Design Services at Merillat. “White paint is a trend that is remaining strong into 2016 so far, and we don’t see it slowing down any time soon.”
Another trend that is quickly gaining in popularity is two-toned kitchens. Blending warm and welcoming neutrals with clean, bright finishes in the kitchen leads to a powerful setting in the most used room in the house.
Merillat Cabinetry saw demand for this trend growing rapidly, and in July of 2015 released Shale; a new stunning neutral paint that incorporates well  into a range of palettes. 
The new Shale supports an array of metal finishes and perfectly ties together the design elements of a room. Shale seamlessly incorporates a variety of palettes, contributes to a streamlined design, and has earned its place as a beautiful new neutral. 
“We released Shale in mid-2015 to meet the demand for a new, impactful neutral. Something that can really bring a kitchen together,” says  Salem. “We wanted to create something that met the needs of our customers and to show them we are listening.” More finishig style tends are on view at

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