The growing popularity of outdoor kitchens brings cabinetry designer and manufacturer NatureKast added appeal since it was first shown at KBIS. Florida-based Designer Kitchens & Baths sells cabinets moulded from PVC and covered in resin to give the appearance of wood. 
The cabinets are constructed of three-quarter-inch thick white or black PVC, and feature all-stainless steel hardware. 
Testing real wood against the NatureKast PVC after moisture exposure
A closed-cell weatherproof resin, moulded to simulate the textures of wood, encases the exterior. Available in louver, shaker and slab style door styles the doors come in 15 finishes. These cabinets are designed to beautifully supplement your outdoor living space by providing comfort, style and longevity. 
The NatureKast cabinets are made with a technologically-advanced, high-density resin system, which means they won’t crack, split or rot, regardless of the amount of rain, humidity, heat or other environmental conditions. 
The cabinetry is also sold through construction materials firm Trex, Inc., which buys the cabinets manufactured the NatureKast Products through a trademark licensing agreement, rebranding them as Trex Outdoor Storage.
NatureKast by Designer Kitchen & Baths, Inc. is a Florida based business owned by designer, Michael Moras and his wife, Kristine. Their company has been designing kitchens, baths and other areas throughout the home for over 20 years along the gulf coast beach communities of Destin and South Walton. Expanding their operation to fulfill the increased demand for outdoor cabinetry, the two launched NatureKast, whose products include outdoor cabinetry, hoods and other outdoor elements created to blend with nature and accent the natural surroundings of customers outdoor living areas.

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