Sharing design trends is fun on both the “giving” end and the “receiving” end. Who doesn’t want to know what’s up ahead and get ideas on ways to use those insights?

I say sign me up!

Which is what I did say to the team at Dwell on Design in LA when they asked me to present “Boutique Inspired Closet Design”.

It’s a session that shares insights on things like:

My Advanced Assessment - this goes beyond shoe count and long hang. I'll share the wide array of info I gather that's required for an effective design solution for both you and your client at this advanced level.

How to match "flow" and "function" with space parameters. This goes beyond putting in a "closet system" and into design aesthetics.

It's not about the money. Only IT IS about the money. I'll share ways to discuss budgeting for such big, fancy closet spaces.

If you can’t make it to Dwell, but would still like some closet design tips, I can help. Here are my five favorites:

Also sharing insights and trends at Dwell on Design is Sarah Reep, Director of Designer Relations and Education for Masco Corporation. Sarah’s session -  
“What’s  New, What’s Now and What’s Next” takes research and behaviors and applies it to consumer trends.

You’ll be able to see how larger trends are shaping customers needs and expectations. With consumers being more aware and empowered, there cannot be one size fits all. Learning what is new, what is now and what is next will empower you to drive the right decisions and applications during this great time of change and recovery.

And if it’s immediate satisfaction that you’re looking for, check out this quick video we shot that shares three of the top trends that relate closely to the closet and cabinetry niches.

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