German cabinet producer seeks to be 100 percent carbon neutral
October 31, 2019 | 8:31 am CDT

BUNDE, Germany -- Rotpunkt, designer and manufacturer of German kitchen furniture, is starting a global campaign against climate change and implementing new measures at its production sites in Bünde and Getmold in Germany.

The company is seeking to ensure that the manufacture of its kitchens is 100 percent carbon neutral by January 1, 2020.

“A consistent focus on environmental and social sustainability is the foundation for successful corporate development and as we enter a new era of global change, Rotpunkt welcomes the scope to evolve both brand and business and use ‘change as an opportunity’,” said Matt Phillips, head of U.K. Operations at Rotpunkt.

“Aiming to set new standards within the kitchen furniture industry, our motivation is to produce kitchens as ethically as possible, which is why we have committed to 100 percent carbon neutral production with absolutely no compromise on quality or design. Our research shows that eco-credentials are a growing concern to the modern homeowner and our pledge for sustainable kitchen manufacture in 2020 is just one way we can reduce our carbon footprint and answer the growth for ethical consumerism.”

The interior design industry continues to tackle the debate on pollution, carbon emissions and climate change, and this has led to consumers becoming increasingly aware of the provenance and environmental impact of product design in the home. Over the past decade, Rotpunkt has worked hard to position itself at the forefront of the industry in this area:

2017 -- Acquisition of efficient cutting machines at Getmold site, reducing material usage and waste and enabling continual updating of its machinery and technologies.

2018 -- Company-wide certification declared for energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 and the creation of a basis for future certifications and continuous action.

2018 – Start of promotion of e-mobility by introducing bicycle subsidies for employees and family members. Travelling a total of 3,352,800 km/year to and from work, so every kilometer cycled by Rotpunkt employees will serve to protect the environment.

2019 -- Development and implementation of continuous CO² reduction following analysis of Rotpunkt’s CO² emissions and its commitment to a CO² site balance sheet.

2020 – Goal of 100 percent carbon neutral production at Bünde and Getmold to reduce CO² emissions, increase efficiency and green project specification. Continual assessment is made to CO² balance sheet(s) to develop further measures for CO² reduction and climate action.

2021 -- Complete company-wide conversion to green electricity and equal consideration of ecological, economic and social issues.

“As a premium kitchen manufacturer, we recognize our influence and ability to impact market change, which is why the production of sustainable furniture solutions has become an integral part of our past and future brand and business methodology. We want to bring this same level of stimulus to our U.K. retail network so they can help their customers make better choices and become part of Rotpunkt’s climate action solution,” said Phillips.

Rotpunkt believes that the furniture industry [and humanity] is on a precipice, which is why it has implemented change to accommodate this new generation of homeowner so the market can effectively navigate the uncertainty of climate change-related consequences and anticipate plans for future eco-oriented property development. See


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