Amanda Conger, CMA executive director
Amanda Conger, CMA executive director

Recently during one of our regional events, an attendee mentioned to me that he had never heard of the Cabinet Makers Association.  It was then that I realized that we have been keeping secrets! In all honesty, though, our members don’t keep too much close to their chest. They are more than willing to share their experiences, but you do have to ask.

Another person once said to us, “I like the CMA because you do stuff.” I love that and am seriously thinking about changing our tag line to “we do stuff.”

But it is true: We are a very active association. In addition to our regional events, which we try to hold at least four per year, our members-only forum is very active on a daily basis. This format is perfect for obtaining peer-to-peer advice on selecting machinery, software, tooling, hardware, finishing, hiring and retaining employees, etc.

If you prefer one-on-one interaction, we can pair you up with a mentor, another CMA member who has been there and done that – and survived. We call this our Mentor Council, and the concept is that if you have a problem with your business and don’t know where to turn, the CMA can connect you with people and resources that can help you.

I encourage you to learn more about our member benefits and seriously consider giving us a try. For more information and to sign up to become a CMA member, visit

Amanda Conger is the executive director of the Cabinet Makers Association. For more information visit



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